Lady Elect Amanda Faye Mitchell Bio

The Biographical Profile Of Lady Elect Amanda Faye Mitchell

Lady Elect Amanda Faye Mitchell is a native of New Iberia, LA. She was born to the late Charles and Evelyn Joseph on September 11, 1967 and has seven siblings.

Lady Amanda is a powerful woman of God who works closely in ministry with Pastor Kevin Mitchell at both locations of Christ Encounter Worship Center. She is a church Elder and serves as the Leader over the Women’s Ministry, known as K.W.E.W.: Kingdom Woman Empowering Women. The ministry’s motto, given through Holy Spirit is, “AM I MY SISTER’S KEEPER? YES, I AM! I AM MY SISTER!” Lady Amanda wars in the Spirit for the disciples as Christ Encounter interceding in prayer on their behalf faithfully each week.

Lady Amanda also serves with the Youth Ministry. She truly has a love for children. She and Pastor K have five children, Christian, Krystal, Chrissonja, Chrisshawn and Jamar and eight grandchildren. In addition to working with youth in ministry, Lady Amanda is also a trained Child Care Provider through JTPA and is self-employed as an In Home Child Care Provider. She has nurtured and taught many children both in her profession and in the ministry.

In addition of her role as Lady Elect of CEWC, she is also the Women’s ministry of UICCF! Lady Amanda’s favorite scriptures are: Roman 8:28, Proverbs 3:5-6, and Matthew 6:33. Lady Amanda inspires and uplifts many women of God and stands firmly on the Word of God.